When you find a random blog that changes your life 

          Last spring, I randomly came across Charissa Steyn’s blog. I honestly can’t even remember how I found it.. but she was doing a series on going on a “road trip” with God that summer. It was a call to go on a fun adventure by traveling deeper into His heart. Because of the season I was in, it  really spoke to me, like a bright neon sign flashing “This is it!” 

          I was in the first trimester of pregnancy and feeling tired and sick all day. Plus, I was taking care of a toddler. The idea of transforming a mundane, ordinary life into something fun and exciting tugged at my heart. I knew that was what I wanted. I received one of her “Adventure of Abiding with Jesus” journals in the summer and it truly made spending time with Jesus “fun”. It helped me see there are so many ways to find and see Him in the everyday. I’m still not done with the journal (let’s be honest, I either forget, just have a few minutes to read a scripture, or am just lazy) BUT now I’m almost hesitant to do a devotional page knowing I’m so close to finishing it, I don’t want it to end! 

          Anyway, through this “coincidence” of finding this godly woman, who is leading a life that rejects complacency and desires for other women to be awakened to the fulfilling adventure that Jesus is, I have been so blessed and inspired to uncover the beautiful and exciting journey that Jesus is waiting to take me on even in the midst of whatever hard or mundane season I may be in.


Check out Charissa’s website here! Also, every Friday she interviews a woman whose stepping out of the everyday life and adventuring with Jesus, and today, I’m featured on her site! I’m answering some great questions that really got me thinking about my past and where He’s leading me. Go check it out here!


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